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This new document builds on the previous CTCR statement but it is updated and significantly expanded. JTP+
Yes, it is Prof. John Brug of WELS.

Paulson gives a fuller exposition of his doctrine of the Scriptures in "Internal Clarity of Scripture and the Modern World. Luther and Erasmus Revisited" in HERMENEUTICA SACRA: STUDIES IN THE INTERPRETATION OF HOLY SCRIPTURE IN THE SIXTEENETH AND SEVENTEENTH CENTURY ed. Robert Kolb (DeGruyer, 2010), pp. 85-110. I used it as a required reading in a pastors' continuing education course earlier this summer in California.
Attached find the joint statement on Holy Scripture by NALC, LCMS, LCC Dialogue.
Attached find an article by Steven Paulson on "Scripture, Enthusiasm, and the ELCA." it was originally given at a free conference at Martin Luther College in New Ulm and then published in LOGIA.
Your Turn / Re: LCMS 2023 Convention
July 20, 2023, 04:21:28 PM
Apparently I misunderstood Pastor Ball's concern in his telephone conversation with me earlier this afternoon. Here is the clarification which he has requested:

I just saw what you wrote on ALPB.  I did not contact you to say that I am no longer associated with Gottesdienst, I called because of the implication that I (or other candidates) would do the bidding of others.  That is what needs to be clarified for my reputation's sake, not my affiliation or lack thereof with Gottesdienst.
I would appreciate you saying that on ALPB.
Thank you.

The Rev. Benjamin Ball
Senior Pastor
Saint Paul Lutheran Church and School Hamel, Illinois
6th Vice-President - Central Region
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Your Turn / Re: LCMS 2023 Convention
July 20, 2023, 03:39:35 PM
Pastor Ben Ball contacted me regarding point #2 on yesterday's post in support of Larry Rast for Regional VP.
2. He is not entangled with any "special interest groups" in the LCMS and would not do their bidding.

He assures me that he is not currently associated with Gottesdienst and that he read my post as implying that he is connected with them. He asked me to provide this clarification and I'm glad to do so. JTP+
Your Turn / Re: LCMS 2023 Convention
July 19, 2023, 03:56:07 PM
A colleague sent me a link to another anonymous list making the rounds. Apparently Graff, Gard, and I are not alone in concerns about the United List.

I was on vacation for the last few days so I didn't make any further comments about our endorsement of Larry Rast. I would now add that in addition to his excellent service at CTSFW, two additional points.

1. Rast is an outstanding historian of American Christianity in general and of the LCMS in particular. He is finishing a book on the history of the LCMS. His historical perspective would be a great asset on the Praesidium.
2. He is not entangled with any "special interest groups" in the LCMS and would not do their bidding.


Your Turn / Re: LCMS 2023 Convention
July 12, 2023, 12:41:05 PM
OK. I don't have the time or the interest to engage in debate about the AAL in this forum. Here is what I will say. Frankly, we endorsed Dr. Rast for the regional VP slot because we are convinced that his qualifications are superior. He has an excellent track record as a parish pastor, seminary president, and chairman of the CTCR. His theological integrity is beyond reproach and his judgments are careful and measured. He is not given to any of the tribalism that has emerged in the controversy over the Luther's Large Catechism with Annotations and Contemporary Applications. We think that he would be supportive and helpful to the President of the Synod. JTP+
Your Turn / LCMS 2023 Convention
June 17, 2023, 11:50:04 AM
The floor committees did their work this past weekend. Super-Secretary the Rev. Dr. John W. Sias got the first issue of TODAY's BUSINESS yesterday:*lyavhl*_ga*MjQ4MjkzNjQ0LjE2MDU2NDkyNTU.*_ga_Z0184DBP2L*MTY4NzAxNjc2OS4xMC4wLjE2ODcwMTY3NjkuMC4wLjA.
Your Turn / Re:
March 21, 2023, 08:24:03 AM
Actually 1517 had its genesis around Rod Rosenbladt and John Warwick Montgomery. Their HERE WE STILL STAND Conference held each October in San Diego always has sell out attendance. The conference has featured Jim Nestingen, Steve Paulson, Chad Bird and others. 1517 Publishing is producing some great books including Bror Erickson's translation of Bo Giertz. JTP+
Your Turn / Re: I Need Some Catechism Help
January 23, 2023, 05:06:49 PM
I hope that ALPB people will read the Annotated Large Catechism and arrive at their own conclusions as to its orthodoxy and usefulness. The ecclesiastical vigilante has made the groundless charge that an article on hatred (5th Commandment) that condemns racism is importing CRT into the Missouri Synod. Some are upset that we have a few writers from churches not in fellowship with the LCMS (WELS, NALC, ELCA, and Australia). The names of good people are being slandered by self-appointed watch dogs. Biggest lie being circulated is that the book did not go through doctrinal review. As a matter of fact it passed through three separate doctrinal review processes: (1) the whole CTCR: (2) the President's Office; and (3) the standard doctrinal  review process.

I'm hoping that this book of over 700 pages with annotations by Robert Kolb, Charles Arand, Jacob Corzine, John Kleinig, Mark Mattes, Roland Ziegler, and myself and over 70 excursive essays will be reviewed in the FORUM LETTER. I'm not going to make any more comments here on the project. It was an honor to work on it with Larry Vogel these last three years. Get a copy. Read it and see for yourself what it promotes and doesn't promote. JTP+
Your Turn / Re: Dr. James Nestingen, RIP
January 02, 2023, 10:13:12 AM
Jim Nestingen was a wonderful friend. Our friendship goes back to 1984 and we collaborated on many projects together. Most recently he contributed an article on "The Theology of the Cross in the Lord's Prayer" in LUTHER"S LARGE CATECHISM WITH ANNOTATIONS AND CONTEMPORARY APPLICATION which is scheduled for release from CPH next month. I was a special privilege to serve with Jim on the NALC/LCMS/LCC Dialogue since 2011. We were co-editors along with Al Collver of THE NECESSARY DISTINCTION, a collection of essays on law and gospel which grew out of the dialogue. His presence will be sorely missed but I'm grateful for the Lord's bountiful gifts to and through Jim will remain. JTP+
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