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Your Turn / Re: LifeStiteNews and Project Veritas
« on: Today at 03:42:37 PM »
Here’s the info on Project Veritas. Dirty tricks, potential blackmail, unconstitutional spying, all to support Trump:
WASHINGTON — A network of conservative activists, aided by a British former spy, mounted a campaign during the Trump administration to discredit perceived enemies of President Trump inside the government, according to documents and people involved in the operations.
The campaign included a planned sting operation against Mr. Trump’s national security adviser at the time, H.R. McMaster, and secret surveillance operations against F.B.I. employees, aimed at exposing anti-Trump sentiment in the bureau’s ranks.
The operations against the F.B.I., run by the conservative group Project Veritas, were conducted from a large home in the Georgetown section of Washington that rented for $10,000 per month. Female undercover operatives arranged dates with the F.B.I. employees with the aim of secretly recording them making disparaging comments about Mr. Trump.
The campaign shows the obsession that some of Mr. Trump’s allies had about a shadowy “deep state” trying to blunt his agenda — and the lengths that some were willing to go to try to purge the government of those believed to be disloyal to the president.
Central to the effort, according to interviews, was Richard Seddon, a former undercover British spy who was recruited in 2016 by the security contractor Erik Prince to train Project Veritas operatives to infiltrate trade unions, Democratic congressional campaigns and other targets. He ran field operations for Project Veritas until mid-2018.
Last year, The New York Times reported that Mr. Seddon ran an expansive effort to gain access to the unions and campaigns and led a hiring effort that nearly tripled the number of the group’s operatives, according to interviews and deposition testimony. He trained operatives at the Prince family ranch in Wyoming.
The efforts to target American officials show how a campaign once focused on exposing outside organizations slowly morphed into an operation to ferret out Mr. Trump’s perceived enemies in the government’s ranks.

Here’s the link to the story about the organization some here say is “doing good work.”

I guess I will try to take Peter’s advice, and ignore what goes on in this thread.
I have been in online discussions since 1983, and I think I have learned how to recognize Trollish, infantile, and unbalanced behavior. We have seen it a few times before in this modest forum, and I think we’re seeing it again. And let us remember, Dave Likeness, some persons need to be “verbally attacked.” My only advice to the one laying this junk on us: Get a life. Get help.
But carry-on.

Your Turn / Re: Transgender ELCA Bishop
« on: Today at 11:13:07 AM »
Tough world, ain’t it?
Did you think things had ever been nice and sweet and squeaky clean within church circles?

Your Turn / Re: Transgender ELCA Bishop
« on: Today at 09:10:25 AM »
We’re not talking about false allegations, Peter. We’re talking about a previous record, or as they say in the secular world, a rap sheet.
If there were allegations, officially adjudicated and properly resolved, that ought to be on the record.
And the concern for a person’s “record,” is also protection for the Synod, in case that person misbehaves again.
And just to make it perfectly clear, as I have seen things happen over the last 50+ years, I am certain that 99% of the time, the false allegations were not made by people in what now would be the “Woke brigade“  but by arch-conservatives. I have seen even moderate conservatives go with Pit bull fury at someone they thought was straying from what they considered correct.

Elsewhere online someone with that name claims a PhD in “physical chemistry,” and there are writings on quantum mechanics under that name. There are also articles claiming the church requires a total “male headship.”
Over on that other site, he contends that a layman can never lead “public prayer.”
But if a Seventh-day Adventist, not a Lutheran, and repeatedly using “our” setting and asking “proof”  from the confessions and posting voluminously, he is a toxic, invasive troll. The postings dishonor and demean the ALPB forum.

OK But having crud like this online dishonors and demeans the ALPB forum.

All these words, spilled and wasted, over a nutty and meaningless triviality about “household” voting.
Can we just stop it?

You claim to read the Lutheran confessions. But you sure don’t write like any Lutheran I ever knew.

Your Turn / Re: Transgendered
« on: Yesterday at 04:02:24 PM »
I simply note that many here seem to have all of their certain, absolute, incontrovertible answers to these questions, obtained without any reference to biology or psychology and without interaction with or close knowledge of anybody actually involved with the conditions we are discussing. Do you even read their accounts?
Go way back, before this was even a “thing,” and read “Conundrum” by James (later Jan) Morris, one of the finest writers of the last century, who died last year at the age of 94.
Are you listening to the stories people tell, or are you simply declaring “no, that cannot be.“?

Juan Jeanniton writes:
The answer to the Case of Conscience #1 is more decisive for the other two cases of conscience than you might think.
I muse:
OK, I get it.
1. You have happened upon some obscure aspect of Lutheran writing in some previous age and you have constructed certain things from your oddball interpretation of those writings. Now you bring those things to us as an example of how silly whack-doodle scenarios lie in wait for people who jump into the deep end of those writings. You warn us of the nutty stuff out there.
2. Or you are an aspiring humorist, a wannabe Jim Gaffigan hoping to be discovered.
3. You are just being you.
As for #1, we are warned. As for #2, don’t give up your day job if you have one. As for #3, see your pastor. Now.

Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
« on: Yesterday at 12:08:01 PM »
Dave, one of the late night guys talked about the vaccinations at subway stops. He said “yeah, when you go down into a subway, you’re thinking ‘what medical procedure could I get done down here?’”

Your Turn / Re: Transgendered
« on: Yesterday at 11:33:44 AM »
Pastor Falk, some children are born with heart defects or other abnormalities of their body. We fix those as soon as the child can bear the surgery. Quite a lot of people are not "made" or "born" perfectly.
We don't say to the parents of a child with congenital heart valve dangers "Well, God made her that way, so we will leave it alone."

Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
« on: Yesterday at 11:30:56 AM »
And work must be done with the perhaps 20 percent who are refusing the vaccine, quite often for stupid reasons.

Juan Jeanniton writes (my emphasis added):
The doctrine and morality of a true Christian Church ultimately rests on the teachings of her Divine Founder, which He had entrusted unto the Apostolic College, and which they taught in every local congregation at that time, and which the duly ordained and called public and official ministers of the Word and Sacrament in the said local congregations taught to their respective congregations.
I comment:
You obviously do not know church history. There was wide variety of teachings and practices in the early church and a good number of those differences in teaching and practice continued for hundreds of years, most of those differences in teaching and practice remaining part of the Church catholic.
I sincerely doubt whether anyone here has ever heard of or contended that "the family" is the voting unit in a congregation. 

What’s with the “Mr.”?
Then there’s “In the same way as the domesticated animals are the male's property, the women is counted among those items of property.“
Standing alone, the obscenity of that twice-posted bit of junk makes our computer screens quiver.

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