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Title: On the August Issue
Post by: Richard Johnson on August 22, 2006, 06:26:35 PM
Dear editors:

Having subscribed to Forum Letter since 1975, I have always found it
helpful to me as a Christian, living out my discipleship, and as a
pastor in the Lutheran Church (since 1981, after growing up in the
LCMS).   Even when I disagree with what I'm reading, I learn something
from FL.

I just finished reading the August 2006 issue of FL and need to tell
you all how helpful the two articles about staying in the ELCA are to
me.  Pr. Senn--I especially appreciate your words about Lutheranism as a
church, not a movement--those ring true to "facts on the ground."  Pr.
Niebanck--your article masterfully unpacks Senn's contention that "there
are no greener pastures."    What makes your article worth the price
of a year's subscription is the final paragraph re: the ark of the
church, "one helluva stinkin' place...but full of redeemed sinners for
whom Christ died."   Amen!

Thank you--editors and writers, for one of the best issues of FL I've
ever read.

Larry Wohlrabe
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
Moorhead, Minnesota